Friday, September 4, 2009

Bubjunior Commercials (1991)

While at CW Post, Joe made a couple of fake commercials for Bubjunior Productions...



You may have noticed Joe mention Bubjunior Productions' GUESS WHO’S COMING TO BRUNCH? during that last commercial. Well that was a short film we made in 1990...which I'm not posting. Why? Because it's downright immature and offensive and certain members of the party probably wouldn't want certain scenes out there on the world wide interweb. But I will give you the lowdown...

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO BRUNCH? concerns a group of friends (Steve Zielinski, Joe Kollar, Kevin Purcell, Andy Christou) who get a mysterious knock at the door from Death. No one knows who Death is there to see...maybe all of them? Each character then has his own flashback (a la Wayne's World) depicting the reason Death may be calling for him. The reasons are absurd; from obesity to mucus leakage. In the end, it was just me behind the door playing a practical joke on them.

Out of all the Bubjunior movies, this is the worst of them. Though, being conceived and executed in one night, it was never meant to be anything more than just something to pass the time and giggle about.

Oh...and Meat supplied the soundtrack.

©1991 Bubjunior Productions

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