Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fried Onions (1991 - 1992?)

While working at One Stop Auto in Wantaugh, Joe met co-worker/drummer Chuck Scharf. The two plus Chuck's friend, guitarist/vocalist Al DiBisceglie, formed the power-trio Fried Onions. Like in The Elite, Joe was delegated to bass. As in their name, many of their songs had something to do with food...which were really just metaphors for sex.

Fried Onions style was more open than Joe's past bands, with lots of jamming. Joe really just wanted to play 3 minute songs, but the Onions songs grew longer and longer. After a few shows at places like Roxy, City Line Pub and Right Track Inn the band grew apart.

Here's a studio jam from Fried Onions...

[DOWNLOAD] Fried Onion Jam (1992)
01- Miss Magoo
02- Fried Onions
03- Rotten Cheddar
04- Tied Up
05- Sucking Face With A Clown
06- Louise
07- Glass Onion
08- Foxy Lady

Al DiBisceglie - vocals, guitar
Joe Kollar - bass
Chuck Scharf - drums

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