Monday, September 7, 2009

Stretch Arm Strong @ R.T.I. 1/22/92

Stretch Arm Strong's second show was at The Right Track Inn, in Freeport on January 21st birthday. For the occasion, Dean topped his purple tights from the last show by wearing make-up and a cape.

I had set up a video camera in the back of the room which someone would sometimes zoom in and out. And as an added bonus, someone else videotaped the show (I can't remember who it was but if you'd like credit just send me a comment) so I was able to do a two-camera edit. Here's a few songs...

"Spiral Faces"

"Secular Vow"

"Matter Of The Mind"

Now this next song falls under the "Most Embarrassing Moments of My Life" list, but I can appreciate that people may find it funny so I'm sharing it. In Kevin's, John's and my defense...we had no idea what was to come. Before I go on any further, watch the video to "A Thousand Points Of Nothing"...I'll write more afterwards...

"A Thousand Points Of Nothing"

Backstory: During jams we'd mess around with that little indian-esque raga, reminiscent of The Doors "The End". Dean suggested we play it live and he'd do a little spoken word over it. If only we knew... Now I can appreciate performance art – some of my favorite bands have themes and wear costumes – but I never wanted this band to be one of those. Dean's monologue went on and can see me shooting daggers at him hoping it would end. At one point Kevin and I stopped playing in hopes it would cut the speech short...but it kept going. Kevin did a good job keeping a vacant expression on his face. He probably detached himself from the situation in one of those out-of-body experiences. Around 3:00 minutes in you can see me laugh and at 3:58 I shake my head in disbelief. Little did I know two masked imbeciles were about to take the stage.

In all fairness, Dean was only following his heart. He probably thought people would dig it, and maybe some did. But if memory serves correct...I believe we hashed it out after the show.

Here's some photos...

And here's the complete Right Track Inn soundboard mix for Stretch Arm Strong 1/22/92...

[DOWNLOAD] Stretch Arm Strong @ Right Track Inn 1/22/92
01- Spiral Faces
02- The Bridge
03- Secular Vow
04- Remember
05- Look Out
06- My Days On The Moon
07- A Thousand Points Of Nothing
08- Why?...Pathetic Humans
09- Matter Of The Mind
10- In The Oven
11- Pseudo Sophistos

Dean Drillbit - vocals, guitar
Frank Fusco - guitar
Kevin Purcell - bass
John Hoffman - drums

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MDunbar said...

I have no idea what those dudes in the masks are doing - or why they're doing it - but it's friggin awesome.