Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In 1991 Joe Kollar was taking classes at CW Post where he had access to the A/V cameras and editing equipment, so he wrote a script, got some "actors" and made a 4 1/2 minute short. Steve ZielinskiBellmore's go-to actor – played the lead role, and Dave S, who was also attending CW Post, played The Godfather...but don't call him a Fairy Godfather.

The Trouble With Women is basically about Steve's troubles with women. Then he meets his "Godfather" and that's when his troubles really begin. Steve's Godfather acts much like The Great Gazoo from The that he constantly fucks with Steve. In the end we find that Steve's Godfather had ulterior motives.

Bubjunior Productions presents The Trouble With Women...

Why did Steve make such a big deal about Michelle's drawing looking like a swordfish...saying it three times? Well the word "swordfish" was supposed to be an audio cue for The Godfather to begin playing The Beatles "Michelle". But the scene that sets up this integral piece of information was either unintentionally left out or accidentally not shot. Thus making the reference mysterious and random.

Besides the stiff acting and uncontrolled smiles I'd say that The Trouble With Women was a solid effort. It got Joe an "A" in his class.

Steve Zielinski as Steve
Dave S as The Godfather
Michelle Fabbri as Michelle
Katrina Talmage as Michelle's Friend
Joe Kollar as Guy on Couch

Directed by Joe Kollar

© 1991 Bubjunior Productions


Joe Kollar said...

I screwed up when I was editing and didn't include the line about the swordfish. We did shoot it and I probably even still have the raw tapes to fix it but after all this time, who cares?

Franklin Mint said...

You mean besides me.