Monday, September 21, 2009

Whatsoever (1990 - 2001?)

Whatsoever is probably Bellmore's longest running band...although at the time I was filming Bellmore: The Unscene, Whatsoever had ceased being a functioning band.

Whatsoever consists of Scott Buscavage on guitar and vocals, Paul Rohback on bass and vocals, and Steve Johnson on drums – but the three were known to switch up their instruments at times. Through the years the band played all the local clubs (ie: Right Track Inn, Ground Zero, Juke Joint, Bolt, etc.), some of which I'll get to at later dates.

Whatsoever were mainly a studio band, recording in Steve Johnson's basement, a.k.a. Marv Studios – a reference to one of their songs. The band recorded just about every jam they ever had, accumulating hundreds of tapes. Whatsoever independently released three albums; Subject To Change (1994), Forloons (1996), and Leafslide (1998).

Below is Whatsoever's scene from Bellmore: The Unscene, in which Scott, Paul and Steve talk about the band, plus "video historian" Scott Jacobs and Dave Jemmott also add commentary...

Here's Whatsoever's first album...

[DOWNLOAD] Whatsoever - Subject To Change (1994)
01- Won Weak Sail
02- Making Something As...
03- Mind If I?
04- Such As Life
05- It's Finally Warm
06- Splif'n
07- Caper
08- Butch Of Dumbs
09- Forget
10- Juices
11- O2N2O ISI
12- Bocci Ball
13- Cerebral Shrinking

* Whatsoever's Subject To Change marks the introduction of Matt Bianco to Bellmore's music "unscene" – providing vocals on "Splif'n".

Scott Buscavage - guitar, bass, vocals
Paul Rohback - bass, guitar, vocals
Steve Johnson - drums

For more information on Whatsoever, they have two MySpace pages...for some reason.

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