Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zombula 451˚ (1992 - 1995)

Zombula 451˚ could've easily been called Justified Violence part 2...wait...The Elite was basically Justified Violence part 2...so Zombula 451˚ was more like Justified Violence part 3. The reason is that they were all essentially the same band – with the exception of one member – playing the same songs they played back in 1983.

Zombula 451˚ was Ron Bianco on vocals, Bobby S on guitar, Jim Collette on drums – 3/4 of Justified Violence – plus Dave Deluca (from The Elite) on bass. These were the years that Jim wasn't in Agnostic Front, before rejoining them again in the late 90's (though currently he's no longer with AF).

Zombula 451˚ – the name being slang for angel dust and the temperature at which paper burns – was arguably Bellmore's best band...certainly the most violent...and dirty. The origin of Bellmore's garbage fixation can be traced back to Zombula...specifically Ron. What started out with beer being thrown around soon escalated to whole bags of garbage and leftover food flying about – which I'll get to at a later date. But Zombula 451˚ was more than just garbage, these were guys at the top of their game. Too bad they never seriously pursued their potential...but that's the way of Bellmore.

Between 1994 and 1995, Zombula 451˚ recorded two demo tapes down at Steve Johnson's Marv Studios – the first being self-titled, and the second called Throw It All Away (featuring Kurt Cobain with a gun in his mouth on the cover). I personally love the first tape – the mix is great...very dirty. I only wish my copy didn't have that crappy tape hiss to it...but then again, that adds to it.

While most bands kind of slowly fizzle out and disband, Zombula had a definitive ending. All but one member told me about the famous fight at The Right Track Inn. Without getting into so much detail, the night...and the band...ended with Dave throwing his bass at Jim and Jim lunging over his drums to get at Dave. Of course a girl was involved...like The Beatles. All that is water under the bridge now but it was the end of Zombula 451˚...proper. Proper because the band reunited twice in 1999 and recorded a CD in 2000 – all of which I'll definitely get to at a later date.

Here's the two demo tapes Zombula 451˚ recorded at Marv Studios in Bellmore...

[DOWNLOAD] Zombula 451˚ (1994)
01- Misery
02- Gotta Go
03- No Fear
04- End Of The World
05- Car Crash
06- You're Gonna Fall
07- I Killed Ghandi

[DOWNLOAD] Zombula 451˚ - Throw It All Away
01- No Fear
02- I Killed Ghandi
03- Gotta Go
04- Social Butterhound
05- Not A Chance
06- Love Affair
07- Pilgrim Song
08- Car Crash
09- You're Gonna Fall
10- End Of The World

Ron Bianco - vocals
Bobby S - guitar
Dave Deluca - bass
Jim Collette - drums

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A.G. said...


I gotta tell you...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...oh and by the way...THANK YOU. Been forever going online looking for anything Zombula to replace the demos I misplaced! My band Against The Grain NYHC ended up recording and covering Misery after Collette supplied me the lyrics. We never put it out, but I offer it to you for shits and giggles. Hit me up if you want me to send you the Misery mp3. Without Zombula's loud, disgusting, and abrasive influence there is no Against The Grain. Jimmy did talk about a cd, if you do have that too, please put it up!! Thanks again!