Monday, October 5, 2009

Rat Bastard (1994 - 2000)

I can't begin to talk about Rat Bastard before I mention Thaine...the short-lived band that led to Rat Bastard. Apparently, Kevin and John didn't have the miserable experience I did towards the end of Stretch Arm Strong because the two of them teamed up with Dean Mastrantoni again, forming ThaineKevin even roomed with him in his studio. One day Kevin met up with Dave "Daveman" Jemmott – after years without contact – and soon enough Dave was Thaine's singer – Dean was playing lead guitar. After four months and three songs, Joe Kollar was asked to join the band as a second guitarist, but he quit after two practices when Dean's brother asked everyone to sign a contract. The rest soon followed. R.I.P. Thaine (April 1994 - August 1994).

And from the ashes of Thaine rose Rat Bastard (mach 1)... Joe, Daveman, Kevin and John decided to have a go at it on their own as Rat Bastard and quickly made a name for themselves – their third show was opening for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (which I'll get to at a later date). After about a month together, Rat Bastard recorded their first 6 song demo, Don't You Boys Know Any Nice Songs?! A year later they recorded their second 6 song demo, That Not So Fresh Feeling. Joe has since combined the two demos into a single CD, Don't You Boys Know I've Got That Not So Fresh Feeling?

[DOWNLOAD] Rat Bastard - Don't You Boys Know I've Got That Not So Fresh Feeling?
01- Wet Paint
02- Phony Bitch
03- Neighborhood Magic
04- I Don't Wanna
05- Break Another One
06- Blind In One Eye
07- Little Pieces
08- Subtle Quiet
09- My Gun
10- School Bus Yellow
11- Vanilla Swirl
12- Hello...I Am Death

(From here on out, the rest of this story can be seen in a clip from Bellmore: The Unscene. So if you'd rather hear it from the horses mouths, check out the video down below – with commentary by Daveman, Joe, Kevin, John, Deluca, Stamberg, Ron Bianco, Matt Bianco, Jim Conaboy, Jim Burns, Mike Walch, Mike Maher, and Tammie Cohen. Otherwise, you can continue reading my paraphrasing...or's really up to you.)

Rat Bastard mach II (a.k.a. Matt Bastard)

In 1996 Rat Bastard was approached by a dude who offered to manage their band. He talked a good talk and the guys were interested in pursuing this venture...all but Joe, that is. Joe just didn't trust this guy so he offered to leave the least that's one side of the story. The band put an ad in a local paper and Matt Storms answered. He was the only one to audition. But his stay – at least with Rat Bastard – was short-lived...about four months. After a disastrous show at The Spiral in NYC – dubbed the Avianca gig – the band planned to kick Matt out of the band. In a rather strange turn of events, Daveman was instead kicked out of the band and Kevin, John and Matt started a new band with Bellmore's Mike Maher – forming Spacemaker (which I'll get to at a later date).

Rat Bastard mach III

Sometime in '97, Joe and Daveman got to talking and realized they still wanted to continue Rat Bastard so they put the word out for a rhythm section. Tammie Cohen suggested her co-worker/drummer Mike Stamberg and he got the gig. Dave Deluca had recently left Sugarbush and without a band, so he offered to fill in on bass temporarily...which turned out to be permanent. This line-up of Rat Bastard would prove to be the best and most popular combination of Rat Bastard, all the way up until their very last show (which I will also get to at a later more in between...including Colonel Bastard's Horny Left But Band).

But seriously, it's much more interesting and funny hearing it from them so watch this clip...

Dave Jemmott - vocals
Joe Kollar - guitar
Kevin Purcell - bass ('94-'97)
John Hoffman - drums ('94-'97)
Dave deluca - bass ('97-'00)
Mike Stamberg - drums ('97-'00)


Anonymous said...

Addition: The end of RB Mach 1 wasn't as abrupt as it reads here. After the "Avianca" show, the entire band, which included Dave, Kev, John and Matt had discussed whether or not to continue, as well changing the band's name. There seemed little interest in continuing. Four full months after said show, Mike Maher asked us if we wanted to jam, which eventually led to the formation of Spacemaker. Whether it was official or not, RB Mach was done. So let's get this straight, no one was deceived here. It all seemed to work out for everyone, anyway....except for Hoffman.

Anonymous said...

Everyone gave Matt shit because he was younger, an easy blame target, and a way better musician than any of those guys from Bellmore; For that, they would sneer at him. I was at that show supporting Matt @ the spiral way back in the 90's. My name is Tony, btw. The show was not a bust because of Matt, it was because the bassist changed his strings right before the show. (idiot) and was continuously going out of tune. This was not Matt's fault at all.. I guess its the bassists' style to throw someone under the bus when they aren't there to speak up for themselves. It was probably all the bitterness of matt dating Mike's ex girlfriend, and mike breaking up the band... Get over it, dude(s)