Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spacemaker (1997 - 1998)

Spacemaker got a little bit of a bad rap in Bellmore: The Unscene, mainly because Daveman was entertainingly vocal about the subject. Of course there's another side to the story...there always is. Someone "anonymously" posted a comment to a Rat Bastard post (here) with a different view...

Anonymous said...
The end of RB Mach 1 wasn't as abrupt as it reads here. After the "Avianca" show, the entire band, which included Dave, Kev, John and Matt had discussed whether or not to continue, as well changing the band's name. There seemed little interest in continuing. Four full months after said show, Mike Maher asked us if we wanted to jam, which eventually led to the formation of Spacemaker. Whether it was official or not, RB Mach 1 was done. So let's get this straight, no one was deceived here. It all seemed to work out for everyone, anyway....except for Hoffman.

One thing's for sure...you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce who Anonymous is.

So let's get to Spacemaker... Their songs were pretty catchy. You can definitely hear the influence of The Descendents and All (and some of the pop-punk fad that what was going on at the time). Matt Storms, dusting himself off after the Rat Bastard fiasco, proved to be a talented guitar player. And who knew Mike Maher could play guitar? He used to hang out at Barking Spider and Stretch Arm Strong practices all the time and never showed signs. All of a sudden he could play a mean lefty guitar.

Spacemaker went on to play a bunch of the local clubs around Long Island and even double-billed with Rat Bastard mach III...all water under the bridge. At some point John decided to leave the band, for John reasons, and was replaced by Paul McAniff on drums – a friend of a friend kind of thing. Paul wound up quitting after 3 or 4 months and Matt took over on drums leaving all guitar duties to Mike. Spacemaker remained a three-piece until they broke up in May 1998.

Here's the first demo Spacemaker recorded...

[DOWNLOAD] Spacemaker - No Roger, No Rerun, No Rent (1997)
01- Ride
02- Mope
03- Shadowbox
04- Prognosis Negative

Mike Maher - vocals, guitar
Matt Storms - guitar
Kevin Purcell - bass
John Hoffman - drums
Paul McAniff - drums

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