Friday, December 18, 2009

Frank - "Lead The Way" (4/24/98)

Today's post may be a little self-indulgent but it's my blog and I've posted a fair amount of everyone else's there.

I recorded this song when I first got my 4-track recorder to learn how to use the thing. I was in my experimental/ambient phase so I laid down an improvised track. Then I rewound the tape and improvised on top of that. For the third track I flipped over the tape and recorded a small section so when I flipped it back over there was a little backwards guitar going on. I don't believe I used the fourth track. Still like the final product...enough to share it...

[DOWNLOAD] Frank - Lead The Way (15:14)

Frank - guitar, turntable/tape deck/radio, electronics

(I always got a rush playing improvised music. Not knowing where the music is heading and letting yourself go is equal parts invigorating and frightening.)

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