Monday, December 21, 2009

Steve Johnson - Santa Flaws (2002)

To celebrate this festive season, I'll be posting something Christmas-y each day of the week. Let's start things off with Steve Johnson's musical Christmas card/gift...Santa Flaws. For Christmas 2002, Steve decided not to buy anyone gifts outside of his immediate family. Instead, Steve recruited his usual crew of Marv's merry men and made this quirky little album of mixed up Christmas songs. I say mixed up because the music and lyrics are literally mixed up. For example...Steve took the lyrics to "Frosty The Snowman" and set it to the music of "Feliz Navidad"...hence the name "Feliz The Snowman". Got it? Now go get it...

[DOWNLOAD] Steve Johnson - Santa Flaws (2002)
01- Joy To The Land
02- Feliz The Snowman
03- Rudolpho
04- Santa Came
05- Silver Jingle
06- Deck It And Let It
07- Rock The Night
08- Have A Wish
09- Silentry
10- My Gifts Suck
11- Ornament
12- Decorations Angel
13- Tree
14- Joy To John

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