Monday, January 25, 2010

FrankenHöff - C.O.M.A. Benefit for ABC No-Rio (6/27/99)

The above photo is of Eric and I (FrankenHöff) playing the C.O.M.A. Benefit for ABC No-Rio. We may not be in the photo but we're playing. At some point during our performance Eric and I locked into a cool loop so we let it ride while we took five.

Founded in 1980, ABC No-Rio is a collectively-run center for art and activism – which means it's poor and run down. To help pay for renovation's C.O.M.A. (Creative Out Music Association), organized by Blaise Siwula, put on a benefit show. ABC No-Rio opened all four floors, plus the roof and garden, so coming out of every room was a constant stream of music for seven hours. It can only best be described as a "happening".

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