Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. Mint/The Mint-Tones/Vivian Girls (1999)

The band with many names...or no name? When I saw these guys at the Juke Joint they were introduced as Vivian Girls (no relation to the crappy Vivian Girls of today), but on the Marv Studios calendar (pictured right) they were referred to as Mr. Mint. The Mint-Tones was another name sometimes attached to this band. Basically, the band wasn't around long enough for a name to stick. Which is a shame because they were pretty good.

Before Mr. Mint/The Mint-Tones/Vivian Girls, Steve Zielinski and Bob Bogaki were in the band Full Crescent Mood. (I haven't profiled FCM on the blog because neither of them have any photos or audio from the band. If anyone has something please leave a comment). For their new band they got Dave Deluca (Bellmore's go to bassist) on bass and Eric Hoffman on drums. They were a little more melodic than most Bellmore bands and sounded a little like Oasis meets Smashing Pumpkins...or something like that.

Like I said above, they played the Juke Joint once, maybe twice, and recorded a 5 track demo down at Marv Studios with Steve Johnson before they broke up. Here's the demo...

[DOWNLOAD] Mr. Mint/The Mint-Tones/Vivian Girls (1999)
01- Stale Groupies
02- Free Ride
03- Track 03
04- Stoned Saturdays
05- Babies

And here's Mr. Mint/The Mint-Tones/Vivian Girls jamming at Marv Studios on 7/12/99 (filmed by Scott Jacobs). Eric wasn't there for some reason so Steve Johnson sat behind the drums...

"Stale Groupies"

"Track 03"

"Stoned Saturdays"


Bob Bogaki - vocals
Steve Zielinski - guitar
Dave Deluca - bass
Eric Hoffman - drums

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