Friday, February 26, 2010

ambibat - Palm Sunday (4/16/00)

On Palm Sunday of 2000, Eric and I took ambibat into the studio to record the follow-up to our debut CD (found here). But for some reason we didn't feel the session was worthy enough to release so we shelved it and it was forgotten. About a year ago I came across a cassette tape of rough mixes from this "lost" ambibat recording. After listening to it again I felt it aged nicely. It at least captures where we were in the evolution of ambibat. So I took the rough mixes and edited them down to make an album. It doesn't have that studio mixed sheen to it but it's still good. And like most ambibat releases/flyers, I used some artwork I drew when I was seven years old – it seemed to fit the vibe.

"Psalm I"

"Psalm II"

"Psalm III"

[DOWNLOAD] ambibat - Palm Sunday (4/16/00)
01- Psalm I
02- Psalm II
03- Psalm III

Here's the complete piece of artwork I got the cover art from...

Frank Fusco - guitar, electronics
Eric Hoffman - synthesizer, electronics
Chris Altenhoff - bass, electronics
Blaise Siwula - saxophone, reeds

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