Monday, March 1, 2010

ambibat - 2nd Annual C.O.M.A. Benefit for ABC No-Rio (6/4/00)

Eric handed in his resignation papers and left ambibat right before the 2nd Annual C.O.M.A. Benefit for ABC No-Rio. So with Eric's departure we were going to perform as a trio...sort of.

ambibat was originally scheduled at 8pm on the 2nd floor but at 6pm Blaise (our saxophonist and curator of the benefit) asked Chris and I to perform as a duo on the first floor because Born To Go was a no show. Blaise was busy running the event so he couldn't join us. Chris and I started our piece soft and ambient, then around 4 1/2 minutes into it we started to get loud. Right on cue a squealing came from just outside the room and in walks Blaise honking and blowing his horn and joins us – great entrance. Then when we came down and got soft again Blaise walked out of the room to attend to the benefit leaving Chris and I to finish the piece. That's improvisation.

Here's a recording of that performance...

[DOWNLOAD] ambibat - 2nd Annual C.O.M.A. Benefit for ABC No-Rio (6/4/00)

After that performance, Chris and I walked upstairs to the 2nd floor for our 8pm slot. We asked the saxophone player (forgot his name), who performed in the room before us, if he wanted to sit in. We also asked guitarist Hans Tammen, who was scheduled after us, to join as well. After the first piece the sax player left and Doug Walker (Alien Planetscapes) sat in on synth. It was a lot of fun and I remember thinking Doug would be a great replacement for Eric.

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