Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bionic Liver

Bionic Liver was basically another outlet for Jon Weinstein's humor. Jon's a comedian – at least that's what he was striving for at the time we were filming – and he wrote some pretty funny...and twisted...lyrics. But he had no band. So he called in some favors and got the best band in Bellmore (Zombula 451°) to be his backing band. Not bad.

Jon took Bionic Liver into Ultraphonic Studios (in 1999 or 2000?) and recorded a solid 4 song demo. Especially solid since the band learned the songs right before the session. After the recording Bionic Liver ceased at being a band...though they did perform a song here and there on a few occasions.

Below is the Bionic Liver segment found on the Bellmore: The Unscene Extras DVD. It starts off with Bionic Liver's performance at Zombula's Christmas show, then Ron adds his take on the band, along with Bobby, Jim Collette, Dave Deluca...and of course Jon himself...

Here's the Bionic Liver demo...

[DOWNLOAD] Bionic Liver (1999 or 2000)
01- Twelve
02- I Took The Bullet For Tattoo
03- Young Girls
04- You're Too Good For My World

I'll get to Jon's work as a comedian at a later date.

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