Friday, February 12, 2010

Zombula 451˚ CD

In 2000 – years after they broke up – Zombula finally went into Ultraphonic Studios to record a full album. Ron's reason... he wanted a CD to listen to in his car. And that's basically it. They never shopped it. Only a few people even got a copy. And there was no artwork for the cover.

Well...better late than never...

[DOWNLOAD] Zombula 451˚ (2000)
01- End Of The World
02- Pilgrim Song
03- Love Affair
04- Social Butterhound
05- Gotta Go
06- You're Gonna Fall
07- Not A Chance
08- I Killed Ghandi
09- Car Crash
10- Misery
11- No Fear (+ blues)

Ron Bianco - vocals
Bobby S - guitar
Dave Deluca - bass
Jim Collette - drums

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Anonymous said...

Frank, it's a.g. again, now I gotta close down my business for the soul reason I gotta get home and download this lol...i ran into Ron and Jimmy at the A.F. V.I.P. reunion show last week...i said to them that all i was waiting for was for you to put the cd up! You are the man! thanks once again! ZOMBULA FANBOYS UNITE!!