Monday, February 8, 2010

Juke Joint 213

The greatest service done in support of Bellmore's "unscene" was when Christine Frey convinced her mom Eileen, and her mom's friend Debbie, to buy the Juke Joint bar. During the late 90's/early 00's, Juke Joint 213 (213 being the address), located in the heart of Bellmore town right next to Lone Wolf Tattoo, was the home for every Bellmore scenester and band. It was also a place of work for a few, too – Dave Jemmott, Matt Bianco and Jim Muscarella all tended bar.

In the clip below: Christine Frey talks about the Juke Joint's beginnings, followed by Daveman, Mike Walch, Ron Bianco, Steve Johnson, Joe Kollar, Scott Jacobs, and Dave S, with clips of Rat Bastard, Zombula 451˚, Whatsoever, and Lamont Zabbo.

When we began filming Bellmore: The Unscene, Eileen and Debbie were kind enough to let us shoot a bunch of interviews at the Juke Joint (as seen in the video above). But by this time they were looking to sell the bar – which they did about half way through our two year production. Daveman continued to work there – under new ownership – for a little while, and the Eggplant Queens played there once (which I'll get to at a later date), but the place and the vibe changed...for the worse. It's now a dance studio.

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