Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zombula 451° vs. Rat Bastard @ Juke Joint (Christmas 12/25/99)

One of my biggest regrets – when it comes to Bellmore – was missing out on this show. Once again, Zombula 451° came out of retirement, this time for their second reunion show at the Juke Joint (click here for the first). And for the occasion – Christmas night – Ron dressed as Santa. This show also marks the beginning of garbage rock in Bellmore (the flyer ended with B.Y.O.G. – "G" for garbage).

The Zombula segment from Bellmore: The Unscene mainly featured footage from this show. Here it is with: Dave Jemmott, Rat Bastard, Ron Bianco, Mike Walch, Jim Collette, Mike Bianco, Bobby S., Dave Deluca, Jim Burns, Joe Kollar, and Dave S...

Like the year before, Rat Bastard opened the show. Daveman was extremely sick with the flu but still put in an energetic performance. In between and in the middle of songs you can see him walk to the bathrooms to puke.

For Rat Bastard's performance, Christine Frey and Mike Stamberg had their video cameras rolling. Mike's was on a tripod – 'cause he was busy playing – and Christine was sitting right next to it so the edits aren't very dynamic...same angles. Here's Rat Bastard...

Rat Bastard - "Wild In The Streets"

Rat Bastard - "Blind In One Eye"

Rat Bastard - "Chinese Rocks"

Rat Bastard - "Other Side"

Rat Bastard - "Nervous Breakdown"

Then it was time for Zombula to take the floor. At some point during the show you'll notice Scott Jacobs' camera joins in. His is the green night-vision footage. A three camera edit!!!

Zombula 451° - "Misery"

Zombula 451° - "I Killed Ghandi"

Zombula 451° - "You're Gonna Fall"

Zombula 451° - "Fortunate Son" (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)

Zombula 451° - "Not A Chance"

Zombula 451° - "No Fear"

For the next song, "The New Way", Mike Dietz joined Ron on vocals – since The Elite used to play this song, too...

Zombula 451° - "The New Way"

Zombula 451° - "Love Affair"

Zombula 451° - "Car Crash"

Then Ron passed the mic over to Jon Weinstein to sing the Bionic Liver song "Young Girls" (I'll properly get to Bionic Liver in a couple of days)...

Bionic Liver - "Young Girls"

Zombula 451° - "Gotta Go"

Zombula 451° - "Social Butterhound"

Zombula 451° - "End Of The World"

Then Joe Kollar took over on bass for an impromptu (later years) Elite reunion...

The Elite - "Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"

Zombula 451° - "Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

Here's some photos from the night...

The beginning of Ron & Tammie's "Love Affair".

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