Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders @ Rodeo Bar, NYC (2/18/02)

Merle Twang and Chief Dave Strongbow couldn't make this gig and Tink Travers could only stay for the beginning of the set, so Earl took advantage of the streamlined band by pulling up a bar stool and playing some new and mellow songs. Earl also invited Old Moe the whistler to fill in for Merle's leads.

"Little Tiny Cowgirl"

A portion of this next song has been blurred to protect the idiotic...

"Moon, You Know Why"


"One More Line"

"She's Been Starting To Notice That Everything Slowly Changes"

Earl Pickens - vocals, guitar
Tink Travers - harmonica, backing vocals
Reverend Jedidiah P. Houston - guitar, backing vocals
Joe Horseman - drums
with special guest
Old Moe - whistler

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