Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eggplant Queens @ Continental (3/1/02)

Scott Jacobs was a little sporadic shooting this night so his footage comes and goes throughout...

"Mud Muscle"


Around the 2:38 mark during this next song, Scott and Joe Kollar have a short chat in the stairwell...



Huevos Rancheros dedicates this next one to Joe Kollar, Scott turns his camera on himself and Ron Bianco around 1:23, and the very last shot explains what was fueling the night...

"Old Man Joe"

Here's the soundboard mix of the show...

[DOWNLOAD] Eggplant Queens @ Continental (3/1/02)
01- >chatter<
02- One Way Street
03- Mud Muscle
04- Rock Out
05- Free
06- Drugs
07- Patty
08- Old Man Joe
09- Shame
10- Ass Rape Song
11- Don't Do That
12- Rotting Decay

And here's some photos taken that night...

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