Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eggplant Queens / Loved and Hated @ Continental, NYC (5/10/02)

After Earl Pickens' performance at Fez (yesterday's post) I jumped over to the Continental to catch Eggplant Queens and Loved and Hated...

"Kill, Kill, Kill"



For this next one the Eggplant Queens ask for a little assistance from the Over Easy's...


Here's a few photos of Eggplant Queens' performance...

Then it was time for Jim Collette's Loved and Hated...

"Fucked Up"

"Can't Tell Me"

"Machine Gun"

This next one has some funny Jon Weinstein/Johnny Styne air guitar moments...

"C'mon Everybody"

"Loved and Hated"

And here's the soundboard mix of Loved and Hated's performance...

[DOWNLOAD] Loved and Hated @ Continental, NYC (5/10/02)
01- Fucked Up
02- ???
03- Can't Tell Me
04- No Sanity
05- Machine Gun
06- Never Controlled
07- C'mon Everybody
08- Underground
09- Dead Man's End
10- ???
11- Loved and Hated

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