Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Earl Pickens @ Fez (5/10/02)

Have I told you how much I hate the club Fez in NYC? (I did Besides charging too much to get in and packing people in like sardines, I hate the clientele they attract. Here's a bunch of people that spend a lot of money to get into a music venue who have absolutely no interest in listening to music.

On this night, Earl Pickens was the MC for a night of country music. At some point of the show Earl played a few of his own songs – one solo, the other two with various members of The Black Mountain Marauders. Earl was in the mood to play some soft songs...the crowd wasn't. They took the opportunity to carry on their inane conversations. At the end of the first song Earl puts them in their place...

"One More Line"

Even after Earl scolds the crowd they still continue to jabber away...

"She's Been Starting To Notice That Everything Slowly Changes" & "If I Could Sing Like That"

Man I hate Fez.

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