Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eggplant Queens @ Continental, NYC (7/13/02)

This was the show when the Eggplant Queens introduced their second guitarist, Michael (Eggklair) Mcarthy. This addition gave them a fuller sound…because that's what they needed.

But more importantly, this was also the show when Little Red Riding Hood stripped…

Little Red Riding Hood / "Mud Muscle"

Here's the first time EQ performed "Nice Life" live…

"Nice Life"

The band introduce their newest member before this one…


Up to this point of the show it was just my camera capturing EQ's performance. But then Jimbo showed up for the last song so we've got at least one two-camera edit. Turned out to be a pretty chilling version of "Rotting Decay". I originally uploaded this cut 4 years ago. Here ya go…

"Rotting Decay"

Here's the soundboard mix…

[DOWNLOAD] Eggplant Queens @ Continental, NYC (7/13/02)
01- Little Red Riding Hood Striptease
02- Mud Muscle
03- Nice Life
04- Free
05- Drugs
06- Patty
07- Shame
08- Rock Out
09- Ass Rape Song
10- Mother H
11- Don't Do That
12- Rotting Decay

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