Monday, February 7, 2011

ambibat @ 4th Annual C.O.M.A. Benefit for ABC No-Rio (6/16/02)

A year had past since the last ambibat show. We were unofficially broken up but when the 4th Annual C.O.M.A. Benefit for ABC No-Rio came around we thought it would be cool to stage a reunion, of sorts. For this performance we planned to have the two synth players who'd been in ambibatDoug Walker and Eric Hoffman. But on the day of the show Doug couldn't make it because of his increasing health problems. He eventually lost the battle in 2006. RIP

For these benefit shows ABC No-Rio opens all four floors, plus the rooftop and garden, so there's a constant stream of music coming from every room for six hours. I was currently in documentary mode working on Bellmore: The Unscene so I brought along my camera and shot a bunch of footage of the benefit. My sister filmed the ambibat performance.

Here's what I pieced together using the footage I shot (ambibat is at 14:35)…

If you'd like to see a longer performance of ambibat, look below. I had two cameras going for our set. My sister had one and the other was on a tripod. When I combined the audio from the two cameras the sound would sometimes go out of sync causing an echo effect. I liked it so I left it.

Frank Fusco - guitar, electronics
Chris Altenhoff - bass, electronics
Blaise Siwula - saxophone
Eric Hoffman - keyboard

To read about the first three C.O.M.A. Benefits for ABC No-Rio (click 1 2 or 3).

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