Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 4th Annual White Trash BBQ (8/24/02)

By August of '02 most of the filming for Bellmore: The Unscene was completed. I was now in the grueling editing mode. As if that wasn't enough to do, I got a call from Jim (Muscarella) asking if I was interested in shooting The 4th Annual White Trash BBQ.

Every year "Filthy" Phil Akerman (Graveyard Slut), and his wife, host a day of punk rock and barbecue in their backyard, in Levittown, LI. I'd only seen Graveyard Slut perform once at Ground ZeroRat Bastard were on the same bill. Jones Crusher, who have a brief cameo in Bellmore: The Unscene, were also playing at the barbecue. (By this time Gerry Giacalone, from the now defunct Not Saved, was playing bass for Jones Crusher. So it's all connected.)

Since it was just a days shoot and strictly just a document of the event – no grand statement – I took Jim up on his offer. It was fun, even with the impending rain. In the end I gave Jim a "Producer" credit and myself "Director", but Jim really should have gotten a "Director" credit as well.

When we completed The 4th Annual White Trash BBQ – the very first Hi-Tide Pictures release – we screened it at Otto's Shunken Head bar in NYC to Phil and friends. And now here it is on Vimeo, in it's entirety.

Directed by Frank Fusco & Jim Muscarella

©2002 Hi-Tide Pictures

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