Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eggplant Queens @ Continental, NYC (9/27/02)

Eggplant Queens were definitely on this night. And I don't mean drugs. Well...maybe just a little.

"One Way Street"

And here's when the fireworks come out...

"Mud Muscle"

More fireworks. You can hear the screaming whistle of a bottle rocket at 1:34...


"Old Man Joe"


"Rock Out"

Here's the soundboard mix…

[DOWNLOAD] Eggplant Queens @ Continental, NYC (9/27/02)
01- Intro
02- Don't Do That
03- One Way Street
04- Mother H
05- Nice Life
06- Mud Muscle
07- Free
08- Old Man Joe
09- Drugs
10- Shame
11- Rock Out
12- Disco Queen

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