Thursday, June 23, 2011

Earl Pickens And The Black Mountain Marauders @ Rodeo Bar, NYC (11/8/02)

This show kicked off with an Earl imposter! Check out the screen shot on the first video...that's not Earl! Chief Dave Strongbow was the first to notice – some fine acting by Dave. What happened to the real Earl? Watch and see...

"Earl's Intro" & "I'm On Fire"

"It Takes a Man"

"Mucho Grande"

"Tell Your Mama Not To Worry"

Earl Pickens - vocals, guitar
Merle Twang - lead guitar
Reverend Jedidiah P. Houston - acoustic guitar, backup vocals
Tink Travers - Harmonica, Pedal Steel, backup vocals
Chief Dave Strongbow - bass
Joe Horseman - drums

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