Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eggplant Queens @ Continental Xmas Spectacular, NYC (12/14/02)

On December 14th, 2002, Eggplant Queens recorded their EP, Curses, at Loho Studios. You can download it – and watch the band record "Nice Life"here. Directly after the recording session the boys headed to Continental for the Xmas Spectacular. Continental invited a bunch of local bands to perform one Christmas song – Christmas was around the corner – and a couple of originals. A really short set.

At the time, Steve Johnson was working on a Christmas album where he'd combine the lyrics from a famous Christmas song with the melody from another Christmas song. I shared that album last Christmas (here). So the Eggplant Queens chose "Feliz The Snowman" as their Christmas song.

"Feliz The Snowman"

"Nice Life"


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