Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ye Ole Bellmore

When I was making the documentary I started getting into Bellmore's history. In the early stages of production I entertained the idea of starting it off with a little history montage. I had read that when the railroad was built through the area in 1867 they arbitrarily named the station Bellmore, after a popular brand of whiskey of the time. I felt that was fitting.

Here's some images I had collected for the intro that never was...

Bedford Avenue

Bellmore Post Office

The Parkway Hotel
(The flip side of the postcard reads: Rates $2.00 and up.)

The Sunrise Bavarian Village

Here's another one in color…

The Sunrise Bavarian Village

The only vintage image I wound up using in Bellmore: The Unscene was an illustrated postcard of Long Island (at the top of this post). I used it in the intro with Big Roy...

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