Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Bellmore: The Unscene" screening @ CB's 313 Gallery (3/16/04)

Even though it was a cold and snowy Tuesday night, we still managed to have a decent turnout at the CB's Gallery screening of Bellmore: The Unscene. Directly after the screening we had performances by Eggplant Queens (of course), and The Crusher.

Here's some photos from the night…

Here's a couple of songs from Eggplant Queens...

"Kill, Kill, Kill"


Then The Crusher took the stage. The Crusher (a.k.a. Jones Crusher) had ties with the Bellmore "unscene". Gerry from Not Saved played bass with them for a while and Jim Conaboy played drums on their "Deliver Us From Emo" album. And here's Jim tonight behind the kit…

"Chinese Buffet" & "The Crusher"

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