Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eggplant Queens @ CBGB's, NYC (3/7/04)

Here's another show Eggplant Queens played with Peelander Zee (here's a previous show). These combo shows were always entertaining and Eggplant Queens were at their peak here. The labels should've been taking out their checkbooks around this time. Oh well…

"Mud Muscle"

"Rock Out"

"Bull Skank"


"Nice Life"

Sunnyside and Huevos do some shout outs to Peelander Zee and The Spunks before this next one...

"New Song"

Sunnyside does a crazy suicide dive…

"Suicide Dive" & "One Way Street"

This show was written up in the April 2004 issue of New York Waste...

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