Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Earl Pickens - Turn On the Radio (2007)

In April of 2007 Earl Pickens released a 4 song EP, Turn On the Radio. But the biggest thing to come out of it was the video he made for the song "Can I Turn On the Radio?", where Earl rides a unicycle from NYC to Pennsylvania to deliver flowers to the woman he loves. The video has way over 25,000 hits on YouTube (as of today) and it even aired on Fuse (the music television channel) a few times. (Fellow Bellmore Unscenester, Eric Hoffman, filmed the NYC and NJ scenes in the video.)

Here's the video...

"Can I Turn On the Radio?"

And here's the EP…

[DOWNLOAD] Earl Pickens - Turn On the Radio (2007)
01- Can I Turn On The Radio?
02- The Wildflower Of Pennsylvania
03- I Know What You Want
04- So Wild

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