Thursday, January 10, 2013

Billy Kelly - "That Old American Flag" video (6/14/11)

Back in 2011, Billy sent me an advance copy of his CD, The Family Garden, to see if any songs jumped out at me for a possible video. "That Old American Flag" was the one. In the song, Billy sings about the day he helped his dad plant a flag pole in front of his house, when he was a boy. I figured for the video we'll just recreate the memory and mimic the lyrics.

Since a third of the song takes place in 1976, Billy had two roles to play: his dad in the flashback scenes and modern day Billy in the present day scenes. Billy's real-life dad would then play himself in the present day scenes and Billy's sister, Colleen, would also have two roles: playing Billy's mom and herself. For the role of young Billy I enlisted my son, Casey, because a.) I've worked with him before so I knew I could direct him, and b.) he was cheap (he got paid in wrestling action figures.)

Luckily for me, and the production, Billy's parents never got around to remodeling the basement – perfect for a flashback scenario. And when I needed an authentic '70s car for a scene, my cousin Joe came through with his 1970 Chevy Nova. (Too bad I didn't need a shot of the's sweet.) I think you can see in the video we had a lot of fun shooting "That Old American Flag". We even got the rest of Billy's family to join in and Kevin Purcell's whole family, too.

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