Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Billy Kelly - The Family Garden (2011)

No one knows Billy Kelly better than Billy Kelly (he can't get away from himself), so I'll just copy and paste what he had to say about his third album, The Family Garden

"The new disc features 16 glorious tracks, many of them actual songs! (I'm not gonna lie to you: a couple of tracks are just me and The Blahblahblahs goofing around in the studio.) Rest assured: the remainder of the disc is jam-packed with 10 new original songs and two cover songs that we just felt like including. (Rock Lobster, anyone?) My pal Molly Ledford, from the super-cool kids music band Lunch Money, joins me in singing "We Could Be Pen Pals" — a song that we wrote together. My daughter Jane chimes in on bells on "I'm Thinking of an Animal" (get it: CHIMES in on BELLS???) and my daughter Lilly helps close the album out with a wicked harmonica solo on "It's a Wonderful Life". I even managed to get my dad, Billy Kelly Sr., to contribute some vocals to my song "That old American Flag". Thanks Dad! The Blahblahblahs are in fine form throughout and I assure you, they totally bring the rock. Based upon what I know about your tastes in music, which is — admittedly — nothing, I have a feeling you're really going to enjoy this CD."

Here's a few tracks...

"The Family Garden"

"Why Is The Moon Following Me?"

"We Could Be Pen Pals (w/Molly Ledford)"

Billy Kelly's The Family Garden is available at iTunes, Amazon or his website.

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