Monday, September 16, 2013

Justified Violence Flyers Found on Facebook

There's a new fan page on Facebook called The New York Hardcore Chronicles 1979-2015. It's a multi media project that tells the whole story of the New York Hardcore scene from past to present. They're looking to put together the largest database of NYHC flyers and other related material. If you have something to contribute, post it.

Amongst the many flyers in their database are two flyers featuring Bellmore's first hardcore band, Justified Violence.

Pictured above is a flyer for their show at The Half Crown on 1/5/85. (To see photos from that show go here and here.)

And below is one for their infamous C.B.G.B's show...

To hear the guys talk about the C.B.G.B's show check out this video, around 1:36.

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