Monday, August 17, 2015

Earl Pickens & The Band Named Thunder (Sept. 2014)

Not sure if Earl ever officially released this album. I can’t find a link to buy the music anywhere. But you can download the lead-off track, "Love Theme From Earl Pickens and The Band Named Thunder", over at their bandcamp page for free (or name your own price).

Here it is…

As for the album itself…I got a copy in the mail from the man himself. If you’ve been following Earl from the beginning you’ll recognize many songs from his live repertoire that he never officially recorded in the studio. There’s also a couple from his stripped-down acoustic solo album (Country Music Jukebox) that have been given the full-band treatment. I'm personally happy he finally recorded “The Devil’s Convoy”.

Here’s the tracklist…

1- Love Theme From Earl Pickens & The Band Named Thunder
2- Wonderin' Where You Are
3- Moon, You Know Why
4- Evylina, I'm Dyin'
5- Barrel Of Chains
6- You Can't Make Me Say It
7- The Devil's Convoy
8- You Can Always Try Cryin'
9- High Wind
10- New York Woman
11- Annie Say The Word
12- (They Were Just) The Opening Band
13- Midnight, High Noon

If you’d like to hear/buy this album go on over to the Earl Pickens & The Band Named Thunder Facebook page (here) and send Earl a message.

Earl Pickens & The Band Named Thunder
Earl Pickens: guitar, vocals
Rick Buck: lead guitar 
Steve Adams: piano, Hammond organ 
Mark Tomeo: pedal steel 
Bill Stetz: bass, harmony vocals 
Jake Kline: drums 
Kimbo Reichley: harmony vocals
Derek Scott: lead vocal on "Love Theme From Earl Pickens & The Band Named Thunder"

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