Friday, August 14, 2015

Secret Sleep - Conveyor & Arbor Day (2015)

Jess Hoeffner has been busy. Just months after Secret Sleep’s debut album he released another album, Conveyor, and just a month after that, he released yet another EP, Arbor Day. Busy indeed.
Secret Sleep - Conveyor (2015)
1. Start Your Engines
2. I Don't Care - Part I
3. Bringing Out the Dead
4. Murder Ballad 666
5. I Don't Care - Part II
6. Crash & Burn

Secret Sleep's Arbor Day EP is a four-song companion record to their album Conveyor, featuring acoustic-based songs and stripped down arrangements. Inspired by artists such as Neil Young and Uncle Tupelo (and I hear R.E.M.), Arbor Day is an attempt to capture a quieter and warmer sound. This EP features acoustic versions of previous Secret Sleep songs as well as two brand new tunes.
Secret Sleep - Arbor Day (2015)
1. The Looper 
2. Start Your Engines
3. I Don't Care - Part III
4. White Hot Sun

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