Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Billy Kelly - Welp (August 2016)

On August 4th, Billy Kelly released Welp, his sixth children’s music album (including Tress, his collaboration with Molly Ledford). It was a pretty soft release with little fanfare. Billy hasn’t made any music videos for it (so far) and I can’t find any info about it on his website. It seems Billy is focusing more on his stand-up comedy these days. He’s a very busy man but he’s only one man so something has to give.

In lieu of music videos you can listen to the album here via bandcamp

For those of you who also know Billy as Earl Pickens, you’ll notice he closes Welp with a rendition of Lil' Tiny Cowgirl”. You can find the Earl Pickens version here.

Billy Kelly - Welp is also available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDbaby.

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