Sunday, January 4, 2009

La Serayña R.I.P.

This is either La Serayña after The Intellectuals show that ended in a riot, or the day it was torn down. Unfortunately, it's the latter.

La Serayña was there for us at the right time and right place (located right next to our junior high school). It was owned by two hippie women who intended the place to be a hang out for teenagers. No alcohol was served but that didn't stop anyone from drinking before they arrived. Of course a place like that couldn't last. They did, however, open another short lived place in Massapequa called Diamond Lil's – then quickly changed the name to the Dry Rock Cafe – which also hosted young music acts.

Above is The Intellectuals performing "Without Her" and "Too Loud Baby" at La Serayña on August 15, 1986 – the second time they played there. The crowd is a little thin but once school starts and word of mouth begins, future Intellectual shows will find La Serayña packed (see below).


Joe Kollar said...

Sept. 26 was actually the riot show. We played there twice before Sept. 26 in July and August. The video you have is from the first show in July. I know this because next to me is the bomb that we built as a "special effect". It was a real bomb casing we got from Tom McCan's dad that we loaded up with the powder from firecrackers and I wired a plug to set it off. When we tested it, the bomb made cool smoke rings float out of the top. We tried to plug it in to set it off at the show and it shorted out half of the building. We never brough the bomb out again.

Franklin Mint said...

Actually Joe, upon further investigation, this video is from the August 15th show. Check out the date on the flyer that someone holds up between "Without Her" and "Too Loud Baby".

I'll update the post with this latest discovery.

Joe Kollar said...

I stand corrected, I thought thew bomb was the first show but I guess it was the second. Oh well, I'm getting old and senile.