Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disciplinary Action

Like my last post (Situated Chaos) Disciplinary Action were not actually a Bellmore band – they were all from Oceanside, Long Island. But there are Bellmore connections...

"USA Rules!", the fourth song on Disciplinary Action's self-titled demo, was a Justified Violence song. After Justified Violence broke up Ron Bianco and Pete Casano went on to form Twisted Cross with guitarist Scott Reid (who later formed Disciplinary Action). Twisted Cross would play the Justified Violence song and Scott then played it with Disciplinary Action. Scott would also later go on to form Adrenachrome with Bellmore's very own Mike Walch – which I'll get to at a later date.

[DOWNLOAD] Disciplinary Action (19??)
01- No Reason
02- Tear Ass
03- Discinplinary Action
04- USA Rules!
05- Lanzetta
06- Get With It
07- Sunrise
08- Cracked
09- Ride Home

Disciplinary Action
Scott Reid, Craig Styler, Jeff Lanzetta, Dean ???

To hear Justified Violence play "USA Rules!", click here.


Anonymous said...

Scott Reid - guitar (Bellmore)
Greg Stiehler - vocals (RVC)
Jeff Lanzetta - drums (Oceanside)
Dean Condoleo - bass (Baldwin)

DA was formed by a chance run in at Rich's studio on Hempstead Tpk, East Meadow between Reid and Greg, Jeff, Dean & Ralph Nut (bass). Reid initially joined this unnamed band as a bass player and soon switched to guitar with Dean moving over to bass. Ralph Nut left the band. Broken Hinge soon became Disciplinary Action and released a self titled cassette then a 7" on Hardway Records. Reid wrote some of the greatest hardcore songs during this period with his very best songs still unreleased to this day.

Anonymous said...

the demo is 1989